Mike Sherwood
610 East Bell Road #2-274
Phoenix, AZ 85022

3/2011 - PresentSenior Linux Engineer(Contractor)PaypalS cottsdale, AZ
Worked with team implementing HP Server Automation and Operations Orchestration tools across the enterprise. Utilized background in system administration and programming to quickly learn new tools and API's to automate manual processes. Replicated production cfengine environment into lab to facilitate cohesive system management solutions.
12/2007 - PresentUnix Team Lead(Contractor)American ExpressPhoenix, AZ
As the Unix Team Lead for the Technology Infrastructure Managed Services (TIMS) group, I helped TIMS grow into a service provider recognized for strong security, knowledgeable personnel and an unmatched ability to deliver on aggressive commitments. My team consisted of 10 Unix sysadmins, Oracle DBA's and WebSphere administrators. In addition to managing resources and setting priorities for the team, I served as the final technical escalation point for support issues with Linux, Solaris, VCS, Veritas Filesystems and EMC arrays.

I served as the primary infrastructure developer for Redhat and Solaris. I used Perl, PostgreSQL, C, and Unix shell scripts to automate ZFS and zone maintenance, perform configuration management, enforce compliance and distribute software across more than 1,400 Solaris and Redhat servers. I worked with auditors to translate legal and policy based compliance requirements into specific, technical requirements and implemented the solutions.

I was responsible for bringing new technologies into TIMS and American Express, including ZFS, Oracle ASM, Netezza database appliances and Powerbroker. The TIMS environment is highly virtualized and hosts 30% of the midrange servers for American Express. TIMS manages of over 2500 Virtual Machines under VMware ESX, 250 Solaris Zones and 400 physical servers. Physical platforms I supported include HP DL380, DL385, DL580, DL585, Sun V440, V445, V490, V880, T5220, E2900, M4000, M5000, EMC CX3-20, and Netezza 10050 and 10200. Operating systems supported include RedHat Enterprise Linux 4 and 5, Solaris 10, and Windows Server 2003.
6/2007 - 9/2007Integration Engineer(Contractor)Wells FargoChandler, AZ
As the Integration Engineer for the Wholesale Payment Logistics group, I was responsible for the system integration of the Next Generation Secure File Transmission environment. Created version control processes and managed migration of custom vendor code into a central Wells Fargo run CVS repository. Established a build and deploy process for each of the custom applications and performed basic Weblogic administration. Environment consisted of Axway's Gateway, Sentinel, Passport, Integrator and Composer products as well as two Weblogic applications running in a high availability environment consisting of 32 Sun v490's, 7 Sun T2000's, and F5 BigIP load balancers.
1/2005 - 5/2007Lead Infrastructure Architect(Contractor)American ExpressPhoenix, AZ
Implemented a grid processing infrastructure for use in high volume SAS data processing applications. Performed in-house testing of different system architecture, networking and storage options to arrive at an optimal combination of HP DL380G5 systems, RedHat Enterprise Linux 4 ES, EMC CX3-20 arrays and 10GB Ethernet. This combination provides us with unlimited horizontal scalability at a fraction of the cost of a single large SMP system.

Created international marketing prospect database for all new card acquisitions in Mexico on an extremely aggressive schedule with minimal resources. Performed roles of Project Manager, Implementation Manager, Architect and Developer to ensure project was completed on time and under budget. Demonstrated value of modular and a robust system architecture by reusing many components engineered for Brazil with minimal changes. Acted as Project Manager for hardware and software migrations performed by outside vendor.
2/2004 - 1/2005Senior System Architect(Contractor)American ExpressPhoenix, AZ
Designed and implemented international marketing prospect database for all new card acquisitions in Brazil using Oracle 9i and Perl. Worked closely with DBA to create a robust and efficient data warehouse to replace a third party application. Provided the marketing organization with a comprehensive solution that exceeded expectations for existing requirements and implemented new capabilities. Dramatically reduced execution times and storage requirements while retaining all required functionality.
3/2003 - 2/2004Senior System Administrator(Contractor)American ExpressPhoenix, AZ
Principal Systems Support Engineer for development and production database servers in the International Information Management Tier Two Platform environment. Provided 24x7 support for development and production teams in North America and India. Maintained network of Oracle 8i and 9i database servers on Sun V880's running Solaris 8. Managed 7.5TB EMC Clariion CX600 disk array. Configured and maintained Veritas Volume Manager. Performed technical evaluations of third party applications. Substantially improved data quality by establishing quality control procedures and writing data analysis tools.
8/2002 - 11/2002Senior Systems Analyst(Contractor)Bank of AmericaPhoenix, AZ
Automated user and group approval, audit and creation process through a web interface written in PHP utilizing PostgreSQL. Assisted in designing and implementing procedures for standardizing infrastructure tools. Performed system administration tasks on AIX, Solaris and Linux machines necessary to complete assigned projects. Designed database schema and wrote scripts to import and track system configuration and usage information.
3/2002 - 6/2002System Administrator/ProgrammerCCBill.comTempe, AZ
Implemented a MySQL database and web interface in Perl to facilitate modifications of DNS records for over 7,800 active domains. Setup kickstart and wrote scripts to facilitate automated installation of new RedHat Linux servers. Designed a process and wrote scripts to install, uninstall and track security patches on production servers in order to comply with Visa regulations. Wrote programs to distill information provided by syslog from several servers into relevant suspect activity. Wrote scripts to recognize and record denial of service attacks against our machines.
1/2000 - 2/2001Chief Technical OfficerNumbersOnTime, Inc.Santa Clara, CA
Assisted in the founding of an accounting oriented application service provider. Designed and implemented Unix and Windows network infrastructure utilizing FreeBSD, SCO UNIX, Windows 98, ME, NT, and 2000. Devised network security measures. Handled contract negotiations for office and co-location facilities. Performed duties as corporate secretary including legal consultations. Played key role in management decisions, including budgeting and project management.
1/1994 - 12/1999Senior System AdministratorS. Solloway & Co., Inc.Palo Alto, CA
Developed and maintained multi-platform network using FreeBSD, SCO Unix, Linux, Windows 95, 98, and NT based machines. Established internet presence and implemented WAN for client access. Created SQL database using Expect and PostgreSQL to achieve expanded access to legacy accounting software. Wrote Java applications for web enabled database access. Wrote custom packages in C++ for clients. Managed and trained junior technical staff. Evaluated and took part in recommending turn-key solutions for clients accounting needs.
6/1991 - 1/1994Technical ConsultantVA Ferrari EnterprisesSan Carlos, CA
Installed, configured and maintained, workstations running SunOS, Solaris, HP/UX, AIX, Linux, and Ultrix. Set up Local Area Networks. Wrote custom applications in C and solved administrative issues with shell scripts. Installed and configured high-end mechanical engineering applications. Met with clients to analyze their needs and recommend cost effective solutions.
5/1990 - 8/1990ProgrammerVitalink Communications, Inc.Fremont, CA
Designed and implemented data conversion algorithms in Pascal to import data from numerous different platforms and applications to a centralized, company-wide database.
8/1989 - 3/1990Programmer/PC AdministratorInfonetics Research, Inc.Santa Clara, CA
Programmed data conversion algorithms in C and BASIC for import and export of data for our computer laboratory. Administered office workstations.
2/1988 - 8/1989 Database ProgrammerTelevell, Inc. Santa Clara, CA
Wrote custom software in Dataflex and BASIC for the company's primary product, a networked contact management database. Evaluated client requirements and installed software at client sites.

Operating systems SunOS/Solaris, FreeBSD, Linux, Windows
Languages C/C++, Perl, PHP, SQL, Bourne/C Shell, HTML, Java, Pascal, BASIC, Delphi, Expect, Visual BASIC
Unix Software DNS/BIND, FTP, mSQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, NAT, NTP, PGP, SSH, Veritas Volume Manager, Apache, CVS, LPD, Make, RCS, Samba, Sendmail, VNC, X Windows, NFS, NIS
Windows Software Excel, Ghost, JBuilder, PGP, Oracle, Secure Shell Client, VNC, Visio, Word, Access, C++ Builder, Delphi, Powerpoint, SQL Server, Winzip, Exceed, Outlook, Project
Certifications Sun Certified System Administrator for the Solaris 10 Operating System
Sun Certified Network Administrator for the Solaris 10 Operating System
Sun Certified Security Administrator for the Solaris 9 Operating Environment

San Jose State University 1990-1997
Majored in Computer Engineering, minored in Math/Computer Science
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